Cryno Biotech: novel approach to diabetic neuropathy

Cryno Biotech is developing a novel GLP-1 receptor agonist with promising preliminary study results in prevention and treatment of 2 type diabetes mellitus, as well as its complications such as diabetic neuropathy, muscular dystrophy, and endotheliopathy. Our polypeptide is optimized to penetrate peripheral and central nervous systems.


Asset: CRY-001

Development phase: Pre-clinical studies

Indication: Peripheral neuropathy, Type 2 Diabetes and its complications.

Target: GLP-1 receptor

Preliminary results: CRY-001 is a molecule based on modified Exendin-4. Our structure was proved to increase CRY-001 half-life as well as to improve blood-brain barrier permeability and cell membrane permeability. In vivo studies have shown promising results in removing pain in neuropathic pain models and slowing down B cells apoptotic rate in diabetes models. Analgesic effect and regeneration of nerve fibers were observed in alcohol-induced neuropathy models. Central effects of CRY-001, such that restored myelin expression levels in brain tissues were registered.

Market: $4B GLP-1 receptor agonist market with anticipated 12.4% CAGR over next 10 years. Peripheral neuropathies affect 3-4% of people over the age of 55.



The team of the project has experience in bringing tens of drugs to markets worldwide. We combine both the flexibility of a fast moving startup company and seasoned strategical decisions of team members with Big Pharma top management experience.




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